College Cru

8pm on Thursdays @ Mason

3rd Floor, The Hub Ballroom

During Fall and Spring Semesters

The BCC college students join with Cru at George Mason University to be with each other, worship, and learn from the Bible. It's simply called "Cru." Following each meeting is an After-Cru, where you'll find people up until all hours of the night hanging out and having fun. The weekly large group is a great way to connect with people, make friends, and feel more at home in the Cru community. Please come on out - we'd really love to meet you!

If it's your first time to Cru, be sure to let someone at the Connect Table know - they'll be happy to introduce you to people and make sure you have new friends to sit with!

The weekly large group is always on Thursdays @ 8pm.

We usually meet in the Hub Ballroom on the 3rd floor, but sometimes it does change.

If you can't find the room, ask at the Info Desk!

For more information about Cru and upcoming events, click HERE.

Other questions? Email