Our Deacons



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    The goal of this ministry is to provide assistance and advice to those who are experiencing financial challenges.

    Mickey has served as a Finance Deacon and Treasurer during his 31 years of service at BCC. He is a Crown Financial Ministries Coordinator and teaches financial management as part of the adult education program. 


    Dave Greenwood

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    The goal of this ministry is to meet the light maintenance needs of people or help them find the right resource to provide assistance.  Dave has been a member of the Physical Needs ministry team and the West Virginia partnership  both as construction lead and overall coordinator for one town. He has a wealth of hands on knowledge in woodworking, home construction and repairs having spent 47 years as a consulting civil engineer. Most importantly, he has a servant's heart dedicated to using his talents to expand and grow the body of Christ. He is the father of two daughters and grandfather to three grandchildren.