marriage ministry

Welcome to Burke Community Church (BCC) Marriage Ministry! You will find information

here to encourage and equip you for healthy, vitalized marriage relationships.


SPECIAL NOTE:  Sadly, this is a stressful time.  Social distancing and other related coronavirus restrictions are putting extra pressures on marriages and relationships.  Please know, we are still here to help you.  If you are upset, anxious, or having other emotional and/or relationship challenges, please reach out to let us know so we can help you through this time.  For support, email

  • Because healthy marriages are so vital to the strength of our families, church, and community, we offer a regular devotion called the Marriage Minute to equip you towards greater intimacy in your marriage. 

    Click HERE for our most recent devotion.

About our Marriage Ministry Program

Our desire is to build healthy marriages and help you deepen your relationship in Christ as an extension of the BCC vision to "know Christ and make Him known" in our community. 

The Purpose of the BCC Marriage Ministry is to:

  • Prepare couples for lifelong vitalized marriage
  • Strengthen and enrich existing marriages
  • Restore troubled marriages to health

To accomplish our purpose, BCC has an active ministry to support dating, engaged, and married couples. We offer a number of activities including hosting regular marriage and family related classes as part of our Sunday studies, conducting an annual marriage weekend seminar, promoting other selected marriage enrichment activities in the community, and utilizing experienced mentor couples to help others through different stages in married life including marriage preparation and help for struggling couples.   

Keep a lookout for information about marriage classes and related opportunities in the church bulletin, the BCC eNews, and here on our web site.

For additional information about our activities for marriage preparation, or for help if you are struggling in your marriage, please contact us at

We desire to help build and sustain strong, biblical marriages for a lifetime, so do not hesitate to contact us!

Marriage Events & Resources

We want to help you find information to encourage and equip you for healthy, vitalized marriage relationships. Below are some of our activities and resources to support you. 

  • Great date night      

    If you missed our latest Great Date Night this past September, watch for another opportunity to attend the next date night!  We had a tremendous response to handing out boxes at our Great Date Night event in February. With over 250 couples picking up the boxes, sacks, and date night instructions, we totally ran out of supplies.  In case you missed it, we have attached the date night instructions HERE for you to download and enjoy.   

    You may have missed out on some of the goodies in the boxes, but you can still enjoy a wonderful time by downloading the document and following the fun and engaging ideas in it.  Marriage has enough questions.  So, get clear – because clarity leads to connection.  This great date is a super easy way to have fun and connect with your loved one.   Just take along some pens and a little bit of paper, because as part of your fun date you will write a short note to open next year.  You may also want to bring along an envelope or something similar to hold your notes until then.


    In case you are wondering, this is for every couple - dating couples, newly marrieds, couples with kids, couples without kids, empty nesters, couples in crisis - because every couple needs to have some serious fun.  So, download the Great Date Night flyer by clicking HERE and go enjoy some special time with your loved one this week!