men's ministry

Join us for a men's bible study or any number of special events we offer the men here at BCC.

Men's Bible Studies

Men, pick your favorite time and join us for one of our weekly sessions. We meet each week on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday evenings to engage in large group teaching with small group breakout discussions to seek deeper understanding of authentic manhood and apply principles from God's Word to our daily lives. 

Men’s Tuesday Morning - Basecamp

Men's Basecamp will conduct weekly meetings on Tuesday mornings, starting on 15 September, from 6-7am in the new Worship Center.  Fellowship will follow on in the lobby and surrounding classrooms to allow for social distancing.  Email for more information.

Men’s Wednesday Evening - Ironworks

Men's Ironworks will conduct weekly meetings on Wednesday evenings, starting 16 September, from 7:00pm-9:00pm in the new Worship Center.  Fellowship will follow on in the lobby to allow for social distancing.  

Email for more information.

Men's Events

Check out the list below to see what's going on in the men's ministry. 

  • Men's Mentoring

    Men, do you know that we have an active Mentoring Program within our Men's Ministry? Every man needs someone to invest in their lives. Who is investing in you? In whom are you pouring your life? Learn more about serving as a mentor or being matched with a mentor (or both) by contacting us today at:

  • bcc men's purity classes

    We live in a society that is highly sexualized. We are bombarded on billboards, TVs, computers, cell phones, magazines, books …every form of media with all kinds of ways to misuse God’s gift of sexuality where we can end up hurting ourselves and others.  If you feel trapped by the world’s ways in the area of sexual purity, BCC offers courses to help men in this area.  Keep an eye open for upcoming classes in the regular BCC announcements.  

    For more information, contact

Basecamp Recordings

Current Study: Ezra/Nehemiah

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Men's Retreat Sessions

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  • Session 3

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