Women's Retreat

May 3-5, 2019

2019 Women's Retreat FAQs

The Time is Now:

"There is an occasion for everything, and a time for every activity under heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1

NEW: Listen to our inspirational song set, compiled by BCC's Jen Garretson: HERE

If you would like to be part of our Sunday morning choir, email Jen@burkecommunity.com

When does registration begin?

Registration is closed. If you missed registering, email women@burkecommunity.com to be placed on our waitlist.

What is the retreat theme and who is speaking?

The retreat theme is The Time is Now. Lori Joiner is our speaker and will cover topics on sharing the Gospel, discipleship, and spiritual growth throughout the weekend. You can check out Lori's ministry HERE. Her book, Start Here: Foundational Lessons for Growth in Christ, will be given to all attendees. Scroll down for Lori's biography.

I’d love to know what the schedule looks like.

An outline of the schedule is as follows. This will be a deep, full weekend of engaging activities!


Check In: 4 pm onwards

Icebreakers: 4-4:45 pm

Dinner: 5-7 pm

Evening Session: 7:15-9 pm

Evening Activity/game 9:15-10:30 pm


Breakfast: 8-9 am

Morning Session: 9:15-11 am

Quiet Time with God: 11 am-12 pm

Lunch 12-1:15 pm

Afternoon Session: 1:30-3 pm

Free time for activities and dinner: 3-9:30 pm (please note that dinner is not provided)


Breakfast: 8-9 am

Morning Session 9:15-11:30 am

Check-Out/Clear rooms by 12 pm

Box Lunch Pick Up:12 pm

I have never been to a BCC Retreat before or I don’t know anyone else going.

We are glad to have you join us and would love to connect with you, and connect you with others attending the retreat! During the weeks that retreat registration is open, look for the retreat team members at BCC wearing “Retreat with Me” name tags.  They are available to connect with you before the retreat and will be wearing them at different times throughout the week, such as worship on Sunday mornings, Bible classes on Tuesday mornings at Breakaway and Wednesday evenings at WOW, etc. There will also be a “Retreat with Me” team available at the retreat to connect with you as desired during meals and free time opportunities.

What will the retreat cost?

A two-person, shared room will be $220 per person. A one-person, single-occupancy room will be $250 per person. This covers lodging Friday and Saturday evening, Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast and lunch, and Sunday breakfast and a box lunch that you will be able to enjoy on the grounds there or in your vehicle if you need to head back home at noon.

Note: There are limited funds available for scholarships/financial assistance. For more information, contact our Women's Ministry Director, Michele Bowden, at michele@burkecommunity.com.

Where can I get more information on the location?

The website for Wintergreen Resort is http://www.wintergreenresort.com/

For directions to Wintergreen and maps of the region, click HERE.

To see a map of the meeting area and lodging, click HERE.

Arrivals and check-in will take place at Mountain Inn (labeled #8 on map; #2 on enlarged area). We will have condos scattered around the Spa & Fitness Center (labeled #3 on map). Our retreat meetings and catered meals will be in Skyline Pavilion (labeled #10 on map; #2 on enlarged area).

There is plenty of parking available at Wintergreen Resort. We'll use vehicles to move between our lodgings and the meal/conference sites. You can use your own car for transportation, or there is a Wintergreen shuttle that will be at our service upon request to and from the condo areas and meeting locations.

Will there be transportation set up for car pools to the retreat?

 Yes. If you desire to carpool with others to and from Wintergreen, there will be a Sign-up Genius site set up to connect women who volunteer to drive a carpool with those seeking rides. Please note that there will NOT be a BCC shuttle van going to and from the resort.  

What will the accommodations be like?

We will be staying in a group of rental condos. Each condo is individually owned and decorated so no two are alike. Each condo has two, three, or four bedrooms connected to a full kitchen and living room with a fireplace. Each bedroom has either one queen or king bed OR two twin beds. The room reservations are set up for either single occupancy for rooms with only one bed or shared occupancy for two people in rooms with two twin beds. Here is a link to pictures and descriptions of the condos we will be using: http://www.wintergreenresort.com/Condos/

Will I be able to choose my roommate?

If you pick a shared occupancy room with two beds, you will be able to choose your roommate. PLEASE make sure they register when you do, and that you both request each other as your roommates on your registration forms.

Will I be able to choose my condo mates?

Yes; this is a change from last year's retreat. During online registration, you'll be able to name up to 5 women with whom you'd like to share a condo (You can also name fewer than 5 women and leave the other names blank). Please confer with women with whom you'd like to share a condo, and ask them to also name you on their registration forms. It would be helpful to register around the same time as your condo mates; the earlier the better for our planning.

If you prefer not to list names or don’t know anyone attending the retreat, that’s fine. We’ll group you with women who have unspecified condo mates as well. We’d love to connect you with others whom you don’t already know so that your time will be rich with the joy of new relationships.

After registration closes, we will group women based on their selections and assign a condo to each group.

We will do our best to accommodate your selections, but can not guarantee that you get a complete match. Condo groupings will also depend on other women's selections. Condo assignments and contact information (with permission) will be made known within each group about 2 weeks before the retreat, so that you’ll have the opportunity to connect with your condo mates beforehand. All condo assignments are final.

I have food allergies, will I be accommodated?

Please let us know about your food allergies when you register, the resort catering team will work with you to provide yummy alternatives. Each condominium has its own kitchen if you desire to bring your own food. We will not be able to reimburse you for meals not eaten with resort catering as the set price includes food and lodging.

If you have significant food allergies, please bring your own food to supplement your meals. You’ll be able to prepare your own meals, as there is a kitchen in each condo.

I see there are kitchens in our housing and that Saturday evening’s meal is free time and not provided as part of the retreat program, can I bring my own food to cook?

Yes. While there are several restaurants at Wintergreen and in the surrounding area that will be available for use Saturday evening, you are free to use your own brought food and share a fun meal with your friends in your condominium and cook with them if you choose. Bring your food of choice with you as there are no nearby large grocery stores. 

The resort is set up so that you can leave the dishes in the sink and they will be cleaned up by housekeeping in the morning; that said, a gratuity for cleaning service would be appreciated by resort staff.

I have a baby and young children, can I bring them?

No, sorry.  We wish to set apart this time away for women to immerse themselves in an environment that nurtures a focused connection with God and other women.

Note: We realize that some of you are nursing moms in need of a season of rest and retreat as well. As we look at our Women's Ministry schedule in the upcoming months, we are planning to provide an opportunity for a "One-day Retreat" for moms with littles where we can provide childcare on the premises of BCC. Please know that we are considering you in our planning for this future event. Keep an eye out for this programming.

I have a teenage daughter; can I bring her?

If your daughter is 14 or older she is welcome to join us as a registered participant.

I have a pet, can I bring it?

No, sorry. Wintergreen does not allow pets inside the condos.

What kinds of items should I bring to the retreat?


small notepad, pen

food and beverages for Saturday night’s meal (if not going out to eat)

your favorite snacks for between meals

water bottles or water filter, “To go” cup for refill

comfortable shoes and clothes for walking/hiking

swimsuit and/or workout clothes (for fitness center, if desired)

I have limited mobility, will I be accommodated?

The resort area has stairs, but also elevators in some of the buildings. If you have mobility challenges, please describe them on the registration form and we will contact you to specify your needs. We have reserved a limited number of lodging rooms that conform with American Disability Act (ADA) requirements; these ADA condos are reserved only for those with a disability.

Does my emergency contact person have to be attending the retreat?

No, your emergency contact person may be located elsewhere. They simply need to know how to connect you with your family. Please note that we will have a list of attendees with medical training available.

What emergency services are locally available?

Wintergreen Property Owners Association provides many "municipal" services, including road maintenance, operation of community centers and pools, and police, fire and rescue services. The police department information can be found here: http://www.wintergreenpolice.org/about-us/ The fire and rescue information can be found here: https://www.wtgfireresq.org/home

I will arrive late, leave early, or cannot stay for the whole time, will you give a discount?

Unfortunately, we are billed for a spot for the whole weekend, so we cannot provide part time discounts. If you will arrive after dinner on Friday, let us know if you would like us to provide a boxed dinner for you upon arrival.

I’d like to extend my stay at Wintergreen resort either before or after the retreat. How would the accommodations be worked out?

Please make reservations directly with Wintergreen for stays outside of the May 3 – 5 time period. Note that retreat check-out is May 5th at noon.

What kinds of organized group recreational activities will there be?

On Friday night, we’ll entertain with a fun game of “Reverse Charades”. On Saturday afternoon, we'll offer group recreational activities, each led by a volunteer retreat team member. Note that it's optional to participate in one of the group activities. Alternatively, you may wish to explore Wintergreen Resort at your leisure and take advantage of their amenities, or simply relax in your condo and prepare a meal with friends. 

*Hiking – level 1 (moderately easy): (3:30 – 4:30 pm)

Highlands Leisure Trail: approx. ½ mile; 45-60 minutes. The connecting trail between the Blackrock Village and the Wintergarden, it is an easy access to forests without the difficult hike. There is an overlook platform along the way that provides beautiful views of the ski slopes and open views to Humpback Mountain. We will walk to the start of the trail from our meeting point at Wintergreen.   

*Hiking – level 2 (moderately difficult): (3:30 – 5 pm)

Upper Shamokin Falls Trail: approx. ½ mile; 60-90 minutes. A very scenic hike with evergreens and wildflowers along a stream that leads to beautiful waterfalls. Trail has a very steep initial descent and return. Wear good shoes. We will carpool to the start of the trail (about 5 min.) from our meeting point at Wintergreen.

*Body and Soul Fitness: (3:30 – 4:30 pm)

Come join us for a fun, energizing workout with Body & Soul Fitness! Take some time to MOVE, DANCE and STRETCH, all while enjoying some amazing, contemporary Christian music...all ages and fitness levels welcome! Wear comfortable workout clothes and athletic shoes; bring water bottle and exercise/yoga mat. More info. about the program at www.bodyandsoul.org

*Watercolors painting: (3:30 – 5:30 pm)

We will learn a couple of techniques unique to the watercolor medium and play with color blending. By the end of our time together, we will paint a landscape that displays God’s beautiful creation! Supplies: Bring a variety of 3 sizes water color round brushes size 4-12, some cold press 140 pound weight watercolor paper, styrofoam egg containers (disposable palettes). If you have a favorite set of watercolors, bring them along. We will provide water and paint.

*Explore town (Nellysford): (3:30 – 5:30 pm)

Come explore Nellysford at the foothills of the mountain; options may include visiting a small art gallery, antique shop, or natural history center. If you'd like to stay on for dinner in town, let us know and we'll make reservations. We will carpool into town (about 18 min.) from our meeting point at Wintergreen.

Which Wintergreen resort facilities and amenities are available for our use?

The Aquatics & Fitness Center is open to registered resort guests. Throughout the weekend, we will have complimentary access when presenting a resort registration card. 

https://www.wintergreenresort.com/Aquatics-and-Fitness/ . 

To schedule a spa treatment (massage, facial, etc.) at the Spa Center, go to: https://www.wintergreenresort.com/Spa-Home/

For a brochure containing information and a map of the hiking trails at Wintergreen, click HERE.

Are there volunteer opportunities at the retreat?

Yes. We’d be grateful for your support help in making this a special event! On the registration form, we’ll ask for volunteers to serve on any number teams, including:

Set-up (decorations; arrive early Friday afternoon)

Hospitality (welcome guests during registration, assist guests with directions to room locations, pass out Communion trays)

Prayer (pray with others after each meeting)

“Retreat with Me” (be a connection point for others)

Breakdown (help clean up meeting room at end of retreat)

Note: As this is a BCC sponsored and sanctioned event, we ask that as sisters in Christ, we consider those who may be working through relationship and substance use issues and maintain an alcohol and tobacco free zone inside our weekend accommodations. Thank you!

My question is not answered here.

Please send your question to springretreat@burkecommunity.com.

BCC Women's Retreat Team

Director: Michele Bowden

Assistant to the Director: Kim Paine

Retreat Co-Coordinators: Catherine Ngo-Wilde, Heidi Skilling


Lori Joiner's Biography

For 20 years, Lori Joiner has set the pace as a discipleship coach for women. From single women to married, college students to missionaries, she has a vast reservoir of knowledge relating to women on many different levels. She is a 20-year veteran missionary with Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) where she has extensive experience in evangelism, discipleship, directing women’s ministries, and cross-cultural ministry. Lori founded and directed the Faith House, a discipleship home for college aged women in Waco, Texas. Her book, Discipling Women, was published August 2012. Her second book, Start Here: 6 Foundational Lessons for Growth in Christ was published July, 2014. Her third book, The Discipleship Starter Kit was published October 2016 and is an e-book free to download!

See Lori's Ministry Vision video here: