7th & 8th Grade Ministry

Partnering with parents

To build up a community

Of Next Generation leaders

Who know Christ and make Him known.

The Well at a Distance

  • welcome rising 7th graders!

    Welcome to the Well, rising 7th graders! Watch this welcome video to see what the Well is about.

Community During Social Distancing

Our mission during this time remains the same: Partner with Parents to Build up a Community of Next Generation Leaders Who Know Christ and Make Him Known.

Below are the current opportunities for our 7-8th grade community to connect at a distance.

  • The Well instagram

    We are posting fun videos, competitions and encouraging Bible verses on our Instagram page. Follow us, reply to our posts, or view it from a web browser if you don't have Instagram! 

  • BCC minecraft server

    We set up a BCC Minecraft server! This is an online environment where our 5-8th grade students who have the game Minecraft can connect and play with one another. We're hoping this will be one fun, low-stress way for our students to interact while they're stuck at home. 

    Server IP address was distributed through email.

    Questions? Email joshua@burkecommunity.com.

    Open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

  • Need someone to talk to?

    We want to hear from you! Reach out to joshua@burkecommunity.com with questions, concerns, needs, or prayer requests. We are also available for phone/Skype calls with students.

  • Not receiving student ministry emails?

    We use MyBCC for all church-related communications! Check to make sure the email on your MyBCC profile is updated. After that, check your spam folder. If all else fails, email joshua@burkecommunity.com.

Who We Are

Partnering with Parents

In BCC Student Ministry, we want to partner with you as parents to raise up a next generation of leaders who know Christ and make Him known. We are committed to working with you as the primary influence in your student’s life. From communicating with you to providing resources, our vision is to work alongside you to impact your student’s life for the glory of God.

To Build up a Community

One of the most important pieces of our ministry is our small group community. 

Our vision is to provide a small group context where your student grows in an

authentic gospel community of believers. This small group experience is the core of

our mid-week program, The Well. We want your student to get plugged into

a community that grows in loving Jesus and making Him known.

Of Next Generation Leaders

Twenty years from now, our current students will be the next generation leaders who are impacting our country and the world for the gospel. Our vision is to prepare them for this opportunity by faithfully teaching them God’s Word and giving them leadership opportunities that prepare them for a life of ministry, whether in the church or the marketplace. We are confident that these next generation leaders are going to make an impact for Christ’s glory wherever the Lord takes them.  

Who Know Christ and Make Him Known

In BCC Student Ministry, we are passionate about knowing Christ and His Word.

In a culture that increasingly pushes back on the gospel, we want to prepare

students to love Christ and His Word and to share the gospel in love and truth.

Part of our mission is to dig deep into God’s Word and to provide

opportunities for students to live out the gospel and share it with others. 

What We Do

Sunday Student Ministry Classes

Our time on Sunday mornings is about being challenged to grow in knowing Christ and making Him known.  

This may include walking through a book of the Bible or learning how to engage with our culture.

  • The Greatest story: the gospel of john

    9:30 and 11am

    the student center

    taught by joshua harper

    What is God like?  How do we beat death?  Who is Jesus Christ?  About 2,000 years ago, something happened in a little backwater nation, called Israel, which fundamentally changed the way we answer life's most difficult questions.  Join us as we explore this story, the greatest story ever told, in the Gospel of John.

  • letters to a young leader

    9:30 and 11am

    the auditorium

    taught by jeremy wittig

    In this class, we will learn how to study the Bible while we walk through the books of 1st and 2nd Timothy.  We will be studying each chapter together and will be answering any questions we may come up with.  This class will focus on learning how to take a passage from the Bible, discover its intended meaning and determine its application in our lives.

The Well

7-9pm on Thursdays

Following our mission to build up a community of Next Generation leaders, 7th and 8th grade students are invited to join us every Thursday during the school year for games, large group worship, teaching, and small group community. Here at The Well, our passion is to develop a community where every student is known and loved. 

For more information about The Well or to get plugged into a small group, email joshua@burkecommunity.com