high school

Partnering with parents

To build up a community

Of Next Generation leaders

Who know Christ and make Him known. 


Fall 2020

Community During Social Distancing

Our mission during this time remains the same:  

Partner with Parents to Build up a Community of Next Generation Leaders

Who Know Christ and Make Him Known.

Below are our ministry plans for September and October 2020.  We will reassess current conditions and our ministry plan mid-October and communicate ministry opportunities

for the remainder of the fall semester.

  • The Gathering

    5-6:30pm on Sundays

    BCC Parking Lot

    September 13-October 25

    7th -12th grade students and leaders will gather outside every Sunday evening in September and October for worship, upfront games and testimonies, and teaching.  We are excited to be together again!  Please bring a lawn chair and a mask.  For everyone's safety and so that we can continue to gather, we will avoid congregating, maintain 6 feet social distance, and wear masks during The Gathering.  For those who do not feel comfortable gathering in person, we will post a recording online.

  • Weekly Life Group Meetings

    Wednesdays, Beginning September 16, 2020

    Life groups will meet weekly on Wednesday nights beginning on September 16 for Bible study and discussion, to pray for each other, and just share life during these uncertain times.  Reach out to your life group leader for details about your group meeting details.  

    Life groups that meet in person MUST follow BCC gathering guidelines. When gathering indoors, students MUST maintain social distance and wear masks.  When gathering outdoors, students must maintain social distance and wear masks when moving around or when they are not able to maintain social distance.

    In High School but not in a life group? Email jeremy@burkecommunity.com.

  • The MIX Instagram

    We are posting fun videos, competitions, and devos on our Instagram page.  Follow us, reply to our posts, or view it from a web browser if you don't have Instagram!

  • need someone to talk to?

    We want to hear from you!  Reach out to jeremy@burkecommunity.com with questions, concerns, needs, or prayer requests.  We are also available for phone/Skype calls with students.

  • Not receiving student ministry emails?

    We use MyBCC for all church-related communications!  Check to make sure the email address on your MyBCC profile is updated.  After that, check your spam folder.  If all else fails, email kim@burkecommunity.com.

Who We Are

Partnering with Parents

In BCC Student Ministry, we want to partner with you as parents to raise up a next generation of leaders who know Christ and make Him known. We are committed to working with you as the primary influence in your student’s life. From communicating with you to providing resources, our vision is to work alongside you to impact your student’s life for the glory of God.

To Build up a Community

One of the most important pieces of our ministry is our small group community. 

Our vision is to provide a small group context where your student grows in an authentic gospel community of believers. This small group experience is the core of our mid-week program, The Mix. We want your student to get plugged into a community that grows in loving Jesus and making Him known.

Of Next Generation Leaders

Twenty years from now, our current students will be the next generation leaders who are impacting our country and the world for the gospel. Our vision is to prepare them for this opportunity by faithfully teaching them God’s Word and giving them leadership opportunities that prepare them for a life of ministry, whether in the church or the marketplace. We are confident that these next generation leaders are going to make an impact for Christ’s glory wherever the Lord takes them.  

Who Know Christ and Make Him Known

In BCC Student Ministry, we are passionate about knowing Christ and His Word. In a culture that increasingly pushes back on the gospel, we want to prepare students to love Christ and His Word and to share the gospel in love and truth. Part of our mission is to dig deep into God’s Word and to provide opportunities for students to live out the gospel and share it with others.  

What We Do


Wednesdays during the school year, 6:30-9:00pm 

The MIX large group gathering will NOT resume on Wednesdays at this time.  Life groups WILL meet independently beginning on September 16.  Please see "The Gathering" information above for our large group gathering plans for September and October 2020.  

Living out our mission of building up a community of next generation leaders, we meet every Wednesday for a time of large group worship, teaching, and small group community. Here at BCC, we want every student plugged into a small group where they can experience authentic Gospel community. 

For more information about the MIX or to get plugged into a small group, email jeremy@burkecommunity.com.


Currently, Connect is NOT meeting because of COVID-19.

Our time on Sunday mornings is about being challenged to grow in knowing Christ and making Him known. This may include walking through a book of the Bible or learning how to engage with our culture. This is not a lecture time. Instead, students interact around tables to learn, discuss, and discover these Biblical truths.

For more information about Connect, email jeremy@burkecommunity.com.