Family Discipleship Milestones

It is the mission of the Next Generation department to partner with parents as they raise their kids to know Christ and make Him known.  "We will not hide them from their children, but tell to the coming generations." Psalm 78:4  We want to encourage and support you as you strive to disciple your children.  We are excited to help your family walk through the following important faith milestones.

Child Dedication

We encourage you to present your child to God in the presence of the church family.  This milestone celebrates parents' commitment to raising their child in a God-honoring manner.  The church will host a celebration that includes a formal class preceding the dedication service. You will have the opportunity to connect with other parents and will write a special blessing for your child.  After completing the class, you will present your child in a time of dedication during the Sunday service. This event proclaims your commitment to raise your child in a godly home.

Email for more information or to be added to the list of parents interested in the next date.

Spotlighting God's Word

We encourage you to pass on a love for God's Word.  The church will host a celebration that includes a formal class with special breakout sessions for you and your children.  You will have the opportunity to present a Bible with a personal inscription to your child at this special celebration.  This event marks an ongoing commitment to learning and growing and allowing the Bible to shape your child's life. 

Our next Spotlighting God's Word celebration will take place early Spring!

Email to let us know you are interested in this celebration.

Salvation & Baptism Celebration

We are committed to teaching the truth of God's gift of salvation and the importance of faith steps such as baptism.  As your children show signs of readiness please contact us and they can work through a baptism manual at home with you.  Then we will schedule a time for them to meet one on one with our baptizing Pastor.  Once this is complete, we will make final steps for a baptism celebration ceremony.

Email to begin the baptism process for your child.

Commitment to Purity

Today’s culture influences teens to view sex, gender, and relationships in ways that are increasingly counter-biblical. Sexual purity is among the biggest battlefronts in the spiritual growth and maturity of our young people.


We want to equip you as parents to navigate this water by providing resources to help you teach your child about accountability, healthy friendships, and biblical standards for purity. We are committed to supporting you in the all-important task of engaging in intentional conversations about these topics and maintaining an ongoing dialogue.


These conversations could be done over a weekend trip to a cabin or a special Saturday outing in downtown D.C.


Rite of Passage

The sixteenth birthday may be the most exciting birthday for a teenager. For many, this opens up a new world of unprecedented freedoms. Most students will get their driver’s license and keys to either their own car or a shared vehicle.  Many will have later curfews and more responsibilities.


As parents, you have the amazing responsibility to prepare your son or daughter to embrace growing up from all perspectives. More than getting keys to a car, turning sixteen needs to be about helping your teenager become a man or woman of God. We want to equip you as parents to guide that conversation.


The rite of passage could be a father-son backpacking trip or weekend golf outing. It could also be a mom-daughter weekend beach trip or New York City day trip. 


Senior Blessing

The senior year is one of the last opportunities you will have to disciple your child while living in the home. It’s a time of mixed emotions for everyone in the family. It’s crucial that you take advantage of this time and cap the year off by sending them into adulthood with your blessing.

The goal of this milestone is to equip these students with the wisdom and skills to continue their faith journey in college as they transition into adulthood with God’s blessings for the future.

In mid-September, all high school seniors are encouraged to attend the Senior Beach Retreat. On this retreat, leaders will guide the seniors through a study on faith that lasts into college. They will hear from past seniors about their college struggles and successes. 

In early June on Senior Sunday, Burke Community Church will pray for our graduates and their families.  We encourage you to write a personal blessing to your child and share this with your senior as they mark the completion of their senior year.