Burke Community Church Membership - Draft Page

We are so delighted that you would consider becoming a member at Burke Community Church.  The membership team is standing by to come alongside you with any questions about the process.  Please email membership@burkecommunity.com for any questions or call 703-250-3960.  May God bless you.

  • Discover burke - online

    Please use the following link to watch Discover Burke online: /watch/discover-burke-online

  • Discover Burke book

    (In progress) Use this link to download a PDF of the Discover Burke book.  

  • Faith story

    (In progress) Please use the following link to download an editable version of the Faith Story for you to use in preparation for becoming a member.  Scan and email to membership@burkecommunity.com once you are complete.  

  • Membership benefits (draft)

    Right Now Media access - please send an email to rightnowmedia@burkecommunity.com to receive free access to this amazing library consisting of resources for all ages.  

    Get plugged in to a Life Group

    Gain through serving - Worship team, First serve, or others