congregational meeting

Miss the meeting on May 17th? Scroll down to watch a replay.


Below are the questions asked during the meeting and the answers:

Q1:  Where were the absentee ballots sent for our Elder Election? 

A1:  Absentee ballots for our Elder election were sent via email on 4/29/20; some members may have had the email inadvertently put in a “Junk” or “Spam” folder.

Q2:  How can we receive updates on Church Giving as compared to Budget, since we no longer receive the bulletin?

A2:  We provided an update during the meeting, and will be available via bulletin once we restart meeting in person.  You can also contact an Elder anytime if you would like an update.

Q3:  Is there availability of the Apologetics sessions outside of Breakaway meetings?

A3:  We are considering how and when to do this, but Pastor Marty would like this material to be available.

Q4:  How can I get Pastor Marty’s recommended reading list for his seminar on Mormonism and cults?

A4:  You can send Pastor Marty an email ( to request it.

Q5:  In our Capital budget, how do we treat “Property” vs “Building”?

A5:  The Capital budget is for planned improvements to the existing facility, The Building fund is the new building; the property budget includes maintenance of the building, grounds, utilities, repairs, etc.

Q6:  Have we had to slow down new building construction as a result of current restrictions?

A6:  There have been only a few days lost due to a COVID-19 case.

Q7:  Can we potentially reduce our current mortgage rate for the new building?

A7:  While interest rates are getting a lot of attention, a current quote for commercial 10yr  loans is ~ 3.85%.  Our loan is 3.98%

Q8:  Can we use our current worship center as “overflow” with a “simulcast” to meet social distancing guidelines once the new building has opened?

A8:  We probably cannot stream into the old building because of construction which will commence soon in there to turn it into a youth building. 

Q9:  What will parking availability be once the new building has opened?

A9:  We will have more spaces once construction winds down, and we will continue to explore every option for future parking options.

Q10:  Will there be a Shuttle Service given current and/or future health restrictions, once we reopen the church?

A10:  We will use shuttle service but it will be altered to meet new needs in light of COVID. 

Q11:  What is driving the schedule for renovations to the old building?  Permits?  Financing?  And could these renovations be delayed until we return to a normal service?

A11:  The schedule for the renovations is being driven by our permit phasing. It will add cost to delay renovations

Q12:  Will the virtual meeting and slides be available for viewing later, for those who may have missed or want to review?

A12:  Yes!  The slides can be seen in the video of the meeting posted above here.