Our Elders

  • Ben Allen


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    Ben was raised in Oklahoma City and spent twenty years in the Air Force before becoming a member of BCC in 1997.  He is an electrical engineer and has spent the past 20+ years providing technical support to the government while working at SAIC.  For the past ten+ years he has served BCC on the Mission Committee, but his real passion comes out when he is teaching the 3rd/4th grade Sunday School classes.  He and Donna have been married for 37 years and have two married sons who live in the local area and are active in their own churches.

  • Bob Ashton



    My family has attended BCC since 2002 when I moved to the area from Stuttgart, Germany.  I grew up in a non-military family but served in the Air Force until 2006.  After retiring, I joined a small company in Manassas that works with unmanned systems and then moved to SAIC in 2016.

    I became a believer in 1989 while at Edwards AFB and was mentored and encouraged by some great men over the years.  I am committed to service and have been involved at BCC through the Physical Needs ministry, West Virginia partnership, youth lifegroups and 7th/8th grade Sunday school.  I have also helped teach the financial principles and blended step-family classes at BCC.  My daughter Catherine and son Philip (aka "Peanut" who works at BCC) live locally.

    I met my wife Susan through BCC and am blessed to be married to her; she loves her roles as mom and local pediatrician.  Nicholas and Stefan are outstanding young men and keep us engaged with sports, Boy Scouts and school activities.  We enjoy visiting family in CT and IN, exploring our local area, biking and serving others in our community.

    We are thankful for our Lord and Savior and the wonderful BCC family!  God has equipped each of us to serve Him and our community, and we're blessed to be able to contribute.

  • Dave duhadway


    Dave, a Virginia native (Norfolk), was brought up in a believing home and was active in Young Life while attending and graduating from Lake Braddock Secondary School in 1985. After graduating from the University of Notre Dame in 1989, he served on active duty in the Air Force for 25 years. Since retiring from active duty he has worked as a government civilian in the Department of Defense, and since leaving government service, splits his work time between flying for United Airlines as a First Officer, and working as a contractor in the government and defense sectors. He is also an active member of the Boy Scouts of America.  Dave and Stacy have been married for 27 years, and have two adult children, Ellie, and Jake (married to Moriah).


    Dave and his family have attended BCC for nine years (members for seven). They have been involved in youth ministry, adult ministry, the West VA mission/partnership, and the worship team since 2010. From 2014-2017 Dave was honored to lead the BCC Men's Ministry. In 2017 he was elected to become a member of BCC’s Elder Council, and has served with specific duties as the Council’s parliamentarian. 


  • Steve Knight



    Steve was raised in a Christian home in northeast Ohio.  After graduation from West Point, he served in the Army for 20 years as an Infantry officer and analyst.  He continues to work with the military as an analyst.  Throughout his time in the Army, he and his wife Stacey were involved with and led small groups with Officers Christian Fellowship.  For the last 10+ years at BCC, he has enjoyed working with the youth and serving with the West Virginia Partnership.  Steve has been married to Stacey for 26 years.  They have 3 adult children, Joshua, married to Megan, Jacob and Joelle.

  • George Lare



    I cannot remember the date I accepted Christ into my heart, but my mom, who was the spiritual leader of our family, would tell me Jesus was my savior and I believed her. She would tell me that Jesus died for my sins; He would protect me and watch over me. This truth greatly impacted me when my life was spared in a tragic accident killing 74 men. I should have been one of them, but by the Grace of God someone else (Jon Stever) took my place.

    I retired from the Navy after almost 23 years of service in 1990 and have attended BCC since 1987. Leslie and I met via my mother and her grandmother. We married December 2, 1972 and have 3 children, Adam, Ashley and Ethan. We have 4 grandchildren, Nathan, Abigail, Victoria and Julianne.

    I love to teach and lead a life group. I come from a Reformed background and have a minority view of God’s Grace with respect to salvation.

    I love baseball. I’ve played at the college level and had an opportunity to sign with the Cincinnati Reds as a catcher, but was on active duty at the time. I’ve umpired, coached and spent the summer of 1994 coaching my son Ethan and Central Springfield’s Little League team all the way to the Little League World Series.

    God has blessed BCC with a Godly pastoral team. This team preaches the gospel and God’s Word. The fruit of this endeavor is the growth of His body.

  • dave mckernan


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    My wife, Mary Anne, and I have been attending BCC since 2007.  We became believers in our Lord and Savior together, but later in life than most.  We continue to be blessed by the Father in so many ways.

    I worked for Fairfax County for 41 years.  I was a firefighter/paramedic for 35 years and retired as a Deputy Chief.  I was then hired as the Director of the Office of Emergency Management where I worked for 6½ years.  During that time, Mary Anne and I had two children, Kevin and Kelly.  Both are believers, married and have children of their own…5 grands, 2 boys and 3 girls.

    Mary Anne has lived in Northern Virginia her whole life.  I am originally from Pennsylvania but have lived in Virginia since 1971. We recently sold our home of 38 years in Burke and downsized to a two-bedroom condo in Lorton.  We love to travel, hang out with family, and go to the beach.  We are both involved in several ministries at BCC.  

  • Paul SCHmidt



    I was fortunate to have grown up in a Christian home. The ability to see Christian love and grace lived out formed the foundation of my acceptance of Christ. I was blessed to have married Bonnie 30+years ago. Bonne and I have 2 sons, a beautiful daughter in law and 2 amazing grandsons.  God has permeated our lives.

    Our family began attending BCC nearly 20 years ago. I have helped with mission’s trips, Sunday School classes, Home Group leadership and a few building programs. Through the various opportunities to serve I have continued to see God move in amazing ways. 

    I am convinced God is at work in our church. BCC has been instrumental in my maturing as a Christian and I know He wants that for all us. What a blessing to see that transformation happen amongst His church. It is a privilege to serve God at BCC.