Burke Missions and Outreach

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An Update from Burke Missions


BCC Food Drives in Response to COVID-19

Thank you all for your donations!  We were able to fill an entire trailer for our LCAC partner.  These items will be beneficial to help those in need.  Thank you again for your support!


The core calling of BCC Missions is simple: we make Jesus known.  He told us to make disciples of all nations, so that is what we're about.  How? By sharing the Gospel in both word and deed according to the model He gave in Acts 1:8. We make Him known in our community, in our nation, and even in the parts of the earth most remote from us.

Burke Community Church partners with more than 30 different missionaries and ministries that are bringing the hope of the Gospel and help of the church to unreached and under-served people in our community, across our nation, and throughout our world.  Working with our partners, we are, among other things:

  • Advancing the truth of the Gospel in the global south through the equipping of pastors, leaders, churches and other ministries dedicated to this purpose.
  • Bringing the hope of the Gospel to the unreached and unbelieving in the next generation through partnerships with ministries such as CRU and Young Life, and through outreach efforts of our own.
  • Caring for and sharing the Gospel with the less privileged in our community and beyond by partnering with ministries serving the homeless and the poor.
  • Caring for expecting mothers and fighting for the unborn through our support and partnership with ministries called to this purpose.
  • Reaching out to the imprisoned in our community through support of and collaboration with prison ministries.

For more information about BCC missions, email us at missions@burkecommunity.com.